About Us

Panda Media Marketing LTD started in 2019 and is owned by Daniel Hedger. The company is proud to offer clients a robust set of interlinked services performed in-house by a talented staff of experts, and augmented by the most reliable, forward-thinking cast of specialists ever assembled online.

“The most important part of our success has always been our ability to focus on what we do best, and to identify others worth working with to fill in any gaps in our own knowledgebase,” explained Mr. Hedger. “Instead of trying to be experts at everything, we have chosen to become the world leader in what we do, and to supplement our own experience with the incredible talent available to us from many vendors who have been part of our team for decades already.”

To learn more, and earn more, you should contact Panda Media Marketing LTD today and find out exactly how we can help you to grow your existing revenue streams, identify fertile areas for expansion, and establish relationships with other brands that can become a mutually beneficial source of success for everyone involved.